Seeking a Ozzy adventure, I recently met up with a friend who lives in Sydney for a trip to Byron Bay longing for bare foot exploring, beautiful scenery, and a few laughs along the way. Australia has no shortage of natural wonders thats for sure, but Byron in particular hides a good few of them away in its national parks which boast rainforest, waterfalls and cliffside hikes.  

Note that the content in this post is a result of a week spent going to bed no later than 8pm and getting up for 4/5am so that we could see these beautiful locations, unspoilt without any tourists being there at all. And it was sooooooo worth it!


The start of our time in Byron Bay began with a trip to Killen Falls which is located a short 30 minute drive from the centre of Byron. Its a fairly short walk where you follow the track to either the top of the falls where you can go to a platform which allows you to stand over amongst the water, or through a whole in the fence and carefully stumble your way down alongside the running creek to the base of the waterfall. The falls themselves are pretty impressive and you can go behind the waterfall into a little cave which was pretty sweet!


An extra 15 minutes further than the trip to Killen Falls will get you to Minyon Falls which is the biggest of all the falls we saw on our trip. To get to the base its a 4.5km hike each way, but with hardly any signs pointing you in the right direction, you may find yourself hiking a extra 2km to then to finally realise you’ve gone the wrong way like we did! You definitely have to have some level of fitness to a certain extent - the slippy rocks you have to climb are pretty sketchy but are so worth it for the incredible scenes you get to witness. 


And lastly the furthest falls from the centre of Byron are the Protestor Falls which are roughly 1 hour 15 mins away. When we visited these falls the national park and falls were actually closed for unforeseen reasons. Due to recent weather some of the tree’s had fallen over, alike the one in the first above image, which I can only imagine was the reason behind this closure. However, eager to see the falls since we traveled all this way, and never been the one to take no for an answer, we ignored all signs and visited the lagoon style falls despite not actually being allowed there. 

Byron is a magical place and these amazing waterfalls in Northern NSW truly are incredible, if you are ever lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit Byron Bay these falls are a must on your to see list!


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