I somewhat keep on finding myself making these bold statements like 'this is the most amazing place I have ever seen' but really... Nusa Lembongan truly is the most magnificent place I have ever encountered. A magical aspect about this island for me is how untouched it still is to this day, and it most definitely won't stay this way for very long so urge any travellers to check it out whilst it still is left this way. You'll find the level of english they speak here is very poor and at times can be very hard to communicate but the atmosphere which dominates the island is a real community feeling, a level of authenticity of people doing jobs based on their surroundings.
Only a 30 minute journey away from Bali, but the moment you step of that boat you get an immediate sense of relaxation feeling worlds away from the tourist-ridden land known as Bali. The lack of wifi and signal is a perfect chance to make most of getting away from social media and just enjoy every present moment.

And although Bali is amazing in so many different ways, and a great place to start in Indonesia, it really isn't on the same scale of beauty when compared to all of the 17,000 islands which surround and make up the rest of Indonesia. Prior to this trip, I alike many others was very much looking forward to visiting Bali, probably more so than anywhere else I had actually planned to visit. But its not long until you leave Bali and you visit Lombok, Gili Air and Lembongan to name a few, that you start to realise how infested by tourists the island has become and what a refreshing change it is to be somewhere a little quieter. 

Since there are no cars on the island, the only form of transport is motorbike… and what better place to learn to ride a scooter than this wonderful island. If learning to ride a scooter really isn’t your style then don’t worry as you can also hire out golf buggies which are just as fun… (if not funner). 
I spent a few days climbing up the cliffs exploring all the different rock pools and came across some really spectacular views like this one above. I was in awe by the bright hues and the way the vibrant greens and blue of the sea contrasted with each other in such a beautiful form. 
The middle of the island mainly consists of palm trees and forestry like seen below. 

The only negative thing I have to mention about Lembongan is that I found it pretty pricey (when compared to Bali). Accommodation was around £10-15 per night which when compared to the £6/7 a night I was spending on mainland Bali it definitely took a little dent to my backpacking budget.
I spent most of my evenings with other travellers who I had met on the way unwinding and chilling at the Blue Corner Bar on the beach eating nachos as the sun set. 

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