Firstly if like me you have a passion for photography or are a frequent traveler I think its essential to have some sort of good quality camera to capture those amazing moments throughout your travels. It's also important to invest in something you can actually use and work, for it might not be beneficial to yourself purchasing the most premium products when you can't use them with ease, so every individuals needs are going to be slightly different. The photos you see on my blog are captured from either of my two SLR cameras (Lumix G2 & a Canon 60D), as well as my iPhone 6s, my GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition and various film cameras which I dabble with every now and again. 

Digital Photography
My blog is very picture heavy, I don't really like writing too much because I feel like I tend to ramble on so I rely on the images to draw people in so I thought I'd list a few aspects and editing techniques which in my opinion grab people's attention. 

Looking for colour in a photograph can not only make the photo stand out, but channel a mood and atmosphere which really resonates with the viewer. Throughout my blog you can easily see I love capturing images with bright and vibrant natural colours purely for this fact.

Whenever I take a photo I always imagine a rule of thirds grid, or use one automatically set up on my camera in order to capture straight and even photographs. If you look below I try and make majority of the image as symmetrical as possible which means all the attention is drawn to the middle boxes. It may just be my OCD when it comes to detail which is why I do this...

Although I love experimenting with photos whilst editing them, I tend to leave that for iPhone for photography and not pictures I have captured with a SLR. Even then I don't really over-do it, I think there is a fine line between whacking any old insta-filter on it and adjusting tiny parts of the image too improve it. Below I have lowered the saturation a tiny bit. 

Maybe just a personal vendetta? but they all look the same and you can hardly see any detail in them. Don't be basic. 

iPhone Photography
 Below are a few apps and techniques I use too improve images on my phone. I tend to only do big edits when they have people in, usually me and my friends for instagram or facebook but never the less I thought id include a few little examples of adding more substance to an image using photo editing apps. 

Afterlight is probably the one I am the most creative with. I mainly use it to add clarity to the image and saturation, as thats what I find easiest to edit on them. Every once in a while, usually after a festival I use the app to add a light leak flare into the image to add a little character. The picture below on the left is the original. The middle has then been edited with a filter from VSCO and a low opaque light leak to the right. I then added a more colourful light leak below me in the left hand corner of the last image. 


Potentially my favourite photo manipulating app, I literally only use it for one filter only (Hypebeast 2) which I never really go over the top with as you can see below in the two images. I add the filter then dilute it too a low opaque because at the end of the day you want the photos to remind you of places you have actually visited. 


Now I know a lot of people use this app to whiten their teeth/airbrush their skin but I purely use it for the 'details' edit which allows you to sharpen areas of the image with your finger tips. 



GoPro Photography
Potentially the hardest part of travel photography considering you can't see the photos very clear when underwater, or at all when taking selfies. I do however consider lighting and composition of the model or object I am capturing when taking these pics like seen below. But the key to GoPro photography and any photography really is just taking loads and loads of pics - you can never take too many! The black and white image below is an example of one successful image out of hundreds which I took!


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