Hidden away in the west of Hampstead Heath lies a tranquil and secretive garden known as The Pergola and Hill. Prior to my visit I had extremely high expectations from images and articles I had already seen, and envisioned this secluded and serene garden made you feel as if you were nowhere near London. And how right I was, luckily it was everything and more of what I had expected. 

The Pergola definitely has a Mediterranean vibe too it, but still remains the British heritage of Hampstead whilst the dramatic pathways covered in floristry against the grand pillars make you almost feel as if you are in some sort of Alice in Wonderland scene. 
I visited the gardens in mid April when the weather was only just (slowly) changing and can’t help but feel in mid summer, when all the flowers have bloomed and the temperature is a little hotter, that these gardens will be even more beautiful than they are here. 
The Pergola is located right next to Hampstead Heath Park (seen above) and the nearest station is Hampstead Tube Station. 

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