Penzance is a historic port located in pretty much the most southern part of England in Cornwall. One of the many factors which draw me into this beautiful seaside town is how typically British the town looks combined with elements of a Spanish seaside village too. By this I mean the abundance of several types of palm trees and tropical plants seen quite literally everywhere, a sign that you have truly arrived somewhere unique. 

But my favourite aspect about Penzance is how unreal the crystal blue sea is. I was stoked to even believe this sea was actually part of the UK let alone England. Coming from London where the Thames is a shade of brown which somewhat resembles just pure dirt? This sea just captivates you for a good few minutes leaving you in awe by its beauty. We spent a good couple of days at these beaches and never got bored of exploring some of the coastal caves, rock pools and swimming in the sea. 

We took a day trip to Lizards Point (the official most southern part of the UK) and I was genuinely taken back by how derelict life is down there. The quality of life was very simple, everyone knew everyone and there wasn’t really too much to do but never the less EVERYONE was so friendly. Some absolutely astonishing views, but be warned it can be very windy - the type of icy wind that just is not one bit enjoyable. 

I took a couple of snaps on my film camera of Praa Sands Beach seen below.
 All photos were taken at either Praa Sands Beach or Kynance Cove.

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