Many travellers may ask ‘Why visit Budapest’ and I could go on and on about its beautiful architecture and historic sights like all other travel blogs. But instead I thought I’d list a few of my favorite things to see that might not necessarily be on other guides.

1: Budapest Invisible Exhibition
The first on the list is The Budapest Invisible Exhibition located in Kis Rókus. This permanent installation is an interactive experience in total darkness where you face different every day scenarios relying only on touch, sound and scent. The tour guide speaks good English and you get the opportunity to speak to a gentleman who went 55 years with normal eyesight then one morning he suddenly just lost all sight in both eyes. Quite an extraordinary and interesting experience and definitely worth checking!

2: Royal Opera House
Number two on the list is the Budapest Royal Opera House. We didn’t watch anyone perform but just had a little gander inside to check out some of the amazing interiors. 

3: Akvarium Klub
Next up is the Akvarium Klub which is this edgy bar based underneath a water feature.  Quite a chilled cool vibe in the early evening but especially on a Friday it gets livelier as the evening goes on.

4: Buda Castle
Probably one of the more well known sights in Budapest, this castle has some stunning views over the river and the rest of the city. One thing I have missed out on this list is rooftop bar’s as when I visited Hungary in Jan they were all closed, but I have heard that along with the castle, hitting up a rooftop bar/garden when the sun is setting is absolutely stunning.

5: Széchenyi Thermal Baths
The Széchenyi Thermal Baths are home to some of the largest spa baths in Europe, with 15 indoor baths and 3 outdoor pools making this the most visited tourist attraction in Budapest. The baths are set in a grand palace and you truly feel like you are royalty as you relax in the warm waters. From 10pm – 3am the baths turn into a pool party (aka ‘Sparty’) which we didn’t actually get to experience as it was winter time and way too cold but a DJ and loads of funky lights supposedly create a wicked atmosphere. Sparty tickets are around 30 euros and normal day entry is around 15 euros.

6: Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar
Szimpla Kert is by far the best ruin bar in Budapest. The bar is very weird yet somewhat intriguingly wonderful and you could literally spend hours going from room to room without getting bored. The bar is always filled with tourists, its not a ideal place for meeting locals as its mainly foreigners. Its open late but gets quite crowded from 11pm onwards so is worth coming earlier to avoid the crowds!

7: Goulash Soup
Oh and try some Goulash Soup!


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