Tuesday, 18 October 2016


On my way back from Indonesia I decided to spend 4 days in Singapore as I was keen to check out what the city had to offer since I was on that side of the world, and it made more sense to get a direct flight from there to London rather than two connecting flights from Bali. But with overspending in Indonesia, visiting more places than planned, I was left with only £90 to last me four days in potentially the most westernised city in the whole of Asia. This £90 had to cover transfers to and from the airport, accommodation, food and spending money! 

I spent £40 out of the £90 on accommodation at the Betle Box Hostel where my breakfast was included every morning which meant that was one meal out the way thank goodness! Uber in Singapore was really cheap and I had a £5 voucher left on my account from the UK which I used up along with paying an additional fiver for the transfers to and from the airport. This left with me £40 to spend on whatever I wanted…but it had to last me four days! I probably only spent around a fiver a day on street food which would be 2 normal size meals and then a big bottle of water to hydrate me every day. I then used the remaining £20 for the Singapore metro to get around everywhere, and any small souvenirs I could afford. 

I put together three of the best things you should do in Singapore if you ever get the chance... and they're all free!


Just googling Singapore alone will come up with images of these amazing super tree's, and I won't lie these tree's were one of the main factors I chose to visit Singapore and I was absolutely blown away! I spent the day walking through all the indoor garden areas and waited until sunset to see the real beauty in these trees. As you walk around when the sun goes down and the magical light show starts, you find your eyes wandering all over the place, never knowing to look in only one place. The Gardens by the Bay are the perfect chance to let out your inner photographer, I think I ended up taking over a thousand photos...


Having a little wander through Little India has definitely got to be my favourite memory of my time in Singapore, in the midst of the clean and built up skyscraper skyline which makes up Singapore, loosing yourself into the colourful and vibrant streets is really quite spectacular. The food really is something else and so so cheap, and its almost as if the flavours inspired the exotic exterior paintings.


Something as simple as cycling along the beach is super cheap and allows you to see the real contrast of the beautiful beaches which surround this city (which you almost forget are there when you are surrounded most of the time by sky rise buildings).

This city is worlds away from anywhere I had been to in Indonesia so this itself was a major culture shock, no doubt it is an incredible city and I had a wicked time, but I never really fell in love with it like some of the places I did in Lembongan and Lombok.
I think one of the negative aspects of travelling in bulk is the constant comparisons you make to places you have recently been to which is something I try not to do, but sometimes you just can’t help it…

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